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Because there are so many other wonderful artists out there whose works need to be seen; I wanted to be one of the people to expose some of their great works on my site.

Denise E. Allen

I have known Mrs. Carrie Cronkite for over 30 plus years.

I met her through her mother, Mrs. Goldie Brantly. Carries’ mother was a very kind and beautiful woman. We lived in the same apartment building on the 2nd Floor.  She was a wonderful mother and homemaker; always so friendly and helpful to our family. My husband and I had just moved in the community of Woodside, Queens and didn’t know anyone there at the time.  She and her family were the first neighbors to take my husband and I under their wings to encourage us, make us feel welcome, and assure us that we were now a welcome part of the Woodside Community in Long Island City.  Carrie was Goldie’s youngest daughter.

Sometimes when I went to visit Goldie, I’d notice Carrie meticulously hand sewing clothing.  I was a very surprised because most young girls I met when volunteering at the local community center were not interested in sewing or doing needlework.  I began talking to Carrie about how she became interested in sewing and needlework.  She told me her mother was an excellent seamstress who taught her how to sew and do needlework. I was really impressed.  Although I was conducting a needlework quilt workshop with senior women nearby where I lived, I couldn’t sew as well as Carrie; and she was only around 15 years of age at the time.

As time progressed, I kept up with Carrie’s love for sewing until at some point we had stopped meeting and sewing together because we had husbands, children and growing families to tend to and build.  Many many years have passed since Carrie and I have had the privilege to share our love of needlework and sewing until a few days ago when checking my email, I received a pleasant surprise from Facebook saying that my old lost friend Carrie Cronkite was looking for me.  I was elated.  We got a chance to speak on the phone and continued our needlework and sewing conversation where we had left off those many years ago.

Carrie is such a wonderful, sweet and loving person and I can’t do enough for her.  My sharing some of her exquisitely beautiful sewing art is only a very small thing I plan on doing for her.  Anyone out there in the internet, twitter and blog-o-sphere that needs an extremely talented seamstress to sew and design clothing or costumes of any kind, you’ve found her — and her name is Mrs. Carrie Cronkite.

I asked Carrie to display her beautiful Baby Christening Layette Set, with the pretty dress, bonnet, slip, and blanket; the custom designed prom dress she made for her son’s prom date; the pretty pink dress she made for her Granddaughter and the long Wedding veil embellished with over 300 crystals.

Those of you interested in having custom clothing made or even clothing sewed from store brought patterns, you can be assured that Mrs. Cronkite is the person to call. Her personal contact information can be found on her bio and I hope that you support Mrs. Cronkite and her work.  Thank you very much for supporting her.

Love, Denise E. Allen


Carrie-Lynne Cronkite is a wife, mother of five children and grandmother to one granddaughter. She presently lives in Northern Maine, but is originally from Queens, New York. She is a registered nurse and works at a hemodialysis outpatient center.
Carrie has been sewing since she was a little girl. She used to watch her sister Celeste sew and dream of the day she would start. Carrie’s first sewing instructor was her mother Goldie. Goldie’s sewing was very meticulous and made clothes which looked like they were bought from a high-end fashion boutique.

Carrie designed and made her first skirt at the age of nine and started making clothing for friends and family when she was 12 years old. Carrie enjoys sewing mostly anything but specializes in wedding attire and christening layettes. She has also made curtains, draperies, suits and special occasion gowns.

Carrie recently started a business called Creativelycc and has a website called – in the future, there will be handmade items for sale and she will also post sewing lessons. Carrie is presently drawing designs that will be hand embroidered on her christening layettes. She also uses machine embroidering for some projects.

Carrie’s family has recently suffered a terrible tragedy, her oldest daughter Elena was found deceased in April 2010. In honor of her daughter, a drug and rehabilitation fund has been started that will help young people who want to be free of drug addiction. A portion of proceeds made from the sales of Carrie’s items will be donated to the fund.

Carrie gives all the glory to God for her talents and is thankful to all who has encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

A Woman of Valor

Last year I had the privilege of meeting Deborah Galiley at a Mikveh Ceremony in Upstate, N.Y.  My first impression of  her was that she was very kind, thoughtful and personable.  It wasn’t until later in the day that someone told me she was a writer- author.  I then asked her to tell me about some of the books she has had published and that I like to purchase a few  copies.  She told me that I could purchase them on line but if I wanted, she had some additional copies at home I could purchase.  I went to her home and brought the books.  That same night I began reading the first one; ”Polished Arrows” and was so engrossed in the book, I stayed up half the night and woke up early the next morning until I finished it in less than 24 hours.  Deborah Galiley’s work is better than good; it’s  powerful, well written, inspirational, excelling excellence.  I had a busy week the following week but decided to cancel some appointments because I wanted to finish the other 2 books she wrote; ”Yohanna (hebrew for Johanna) and the other, ”Seeking Paradise.”  All three books are about Women from the Bible; women who are in many ways just like you and me; They are women who just wanted to live a life of simplicity, love and purpose until unforeseen tragedy invaded their lives and made them find the courage and strength from within to overcome what seemed like insurmountable odds.  These woman soon discovered they had the power, determination and strength to fight with faith and love all the odds that was against them.   I absolutely love Deborah’s unique writing style; I especially appreciate the way she uses history, drama, time, culture and The God Of Israel to weave her storylines.  I appreciated the way in which she helps us understand each woman heroine better by using their unique personalities and lifestyles to spin their stories.  Saving Faith, Strong Determination, Courage, Love, Hate Of Evil, Womanly Wiles and Cunning, Lust, Murder, Sorrow, Pain, and Fear are just some of what it took for them to overcome their self-doubt to forge ahead to a greater destiny that was already theirs.  Below are a few short paragraphs about each book along with Deborah’s website address.  Please do yourself a big favor and take a some time out of your busy schedule, make yourself a hot cup of coffee or coca and read these wonderful books; you’ll be glad you did.

Denise E. Allen, Folk Artist

Polished Arrows, A Novel

Is a story about the prophetess Devorah from Judges; chapter 4 and 5. Intermingled with Devorah’s story is that of Yael, Wife of Hever, the Kenite. Historically the book takes place in ancient Israel, 14th Century B.C.  It’s absolutely amazing……

Seeking Paradise, A Novel

This one is about Adam and Eve from Eve’s vantage point.  It picks up in Nazi dominated Berlin before jumping to modern day America and the spiritual odyssey of a Jewish girl, Becky Hermon.  WOW…. this one is mind-boggling.

Yohanna, A Novel

Yohanna is Deborah’s second book published by Oak Tara.  Yohanna is the woman mentioned in Luke 8:3 who helped support the ministry of Yeshua-Jesus by her wealth.  She is also recorded in Lune 24:10 as being present at the Resurrection.  Mrs. Galiley has drawn on her own experiences of being miraculously healed from breast cancer in the writing of this book.